Music Compositions


are you breathing?

                           I breathe

are you breathing?

                          I am breathing

are you breathing?

                          I am breath

I am loving witness

of bare toes on tight-rope; 

exit signs, blue-tinted windows

I am loving witness

of hollow alterations;

brackish holy water

poured over frankincense and myrrh

I am loving witness

of torqued vessel;

inertia spun

from throat-filled hummingbirds

I am loving witness

of cotton fibre and fine pressed linen 

as you 



                                    s (m o t h e r)

Naturescape is explores the landscapes of the great outdoors juxtaposed with sounds of an urban city.

Composition: Andrea Lim
Violin: Andrea Lim
Recorder: Kimberley Scriven

My first short composition. The inspiration for ''The Nightingale's Promise'' is based on Hans Christian Andersen's literary tale, "The Nightingale".

Flute - Clement Lim
Cello - Lee Min Jin
Composition - Andrea Nicole Lim