Stop "empowering" underrepresented communities

To put it bluntly, it is harmful to prescribe false narratives around the lives of underrepresented people. When you deploy a deficit-based community engagement strategy, you’re perpetuating negative societal stereotypes instead of deconstructing them; while adding value to your own societal status. Use an asset-based framework instead, build upon strengths and know that they have the ability to empower themselves without your “saving”. Most importantly, acknowledge the fact that you do not understand their lived experiences.

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Andrea Lim
The world says think outside the box, art says there is no box.

While academics talk about solving our broken world by “thinking outside the box”, art says “there is no box”. It encourages infinite possibilities in a world that glorifies conformation. Art IS inherently a form of resistance against a capitalist world; it provokes, and also encourages healing, and empathy for one other. That is why *coughs* your arts organization needs to align itself with principles of anti-oppression.

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