women of color Arts alliance

The women of color arts alliance exists for women, femme, trans, non-binary, queer artists and arts administrators dedicated to advocating for equity in the arts. The alliance centers the voices of the most marginalized and focuses on advocating for structural and institutional changes within the arts through community-based events.


Why the alliance?

The western art world has left the voices of women of color out of the conversation. Instead of breaking into an existing industry that was never shaped for our narratives, the alliance seeks to create a new industry where artists of color are not only represented, but that they thrive, flourish and are recognized as leaders in the field. 

Artists of color will continue to face difficulty in the industry if arts administrators holding decision-making power do not diversify. The alliance advocates not just for representation but for structural and institutional changes within hiring, curatorial programming and staff in arts organizations.

Grant-funding is limited for individual artists, and emerging arts groups. Our industry insists that artists use their own money to run art shows until they are worthy enough to receive a grant. This structure favors the wealthy who have the funds and social capital to focus on their art. The alliance advocates for equitable grant-funding in the arts. 

How the alliance works?

The success of the alliance, our advocacy work and events depend on its members and how involved you are.  

Members are invited to a monthly social pot-luck and meeting to facilitate planning around arts advocacy and community building events.

Members participate in one of the following committees: curatorial, arts management, event planning, fundraising and financial. 

Committee leaders are required to give 10 hours a month of their time towards planned projects. 

Members are required to give 5 hours a month of their time towards planned projects. 

International Chapters

Seattle, USA 

Sydney, Australia